Tadamon for Social Responsibility


Community responsibility is a partnership between private sector institutions and various community institutions to achieve sustainable development in educational, health, social, economic, and environmental aspects. It’s a moral theory that any entity, whether an association or an individual, is obligated to act for the benefit of the community as a whole, it is something that every entity or individual must do to maintain balance between the economy and the ecosystem. Out of her belief in activating the role of the third sector in developing community responsibility, Naima Al Hosani established Tadamon for Community Responsibility, where programs, events, and new initiatives will be implemented that keep pace with society, having an effective role towards a community responsibility that benefits wide segments of society through the implementation of many sustainable programs.
Tadamon for Community Responsibility is a non-profit organization, aiming to equip and develop the capabilities of women and young people, individuals and groups, and to enhance community responsibility so that its practices, works, and activities are consistent with the standards of sustainable development, it also aims to raise awareness about community responsibility, establish knowledge of sustainability in the Omani community, promote sustainable practices in all works according to national standards, and introduce initiatives.

Our Mission

We aspire to partner with corporate social responsibility experts to build a pioneering system for localizing knowledge providing it, and innovating, designing, and developing initiatives according to sustainability standards. We aim to utilize available resources to achieve a more accomplished future across all levels, in collaboration with all different entities in the Sultanate.

Our Values

Our Goals

Spreading the culture of social responsibility in society.
Developing the leadership and social skills of women and youth so they can become agents of social change.
Innovating and implementing new programs and initiatives that align with the needs of the Omani society.
Encouraging and empowering the public and private sectors to adopt and implement initiatives of social responsibility that serve society at various levels, spreading the culture of sustainable development, and providing technical support for its applications.

Our Services