Birkman Scale

What is the Birkman Scale?

is a measure that was established 65 years ago by Roger Birkman through experimental research to ensure its reliability. It provides 60 reports that have been translated into 22 languages. Esteemed universities such as Harvard and Stanford have benefited from it, and so far, it has been utilized by 8,000 companies. What sets Birkman apart from many other scales is that it contributes to increasing self-awareness of one’s abilities and needs from others, as well as the negative behavior that may arise when these needs are not met. This is its competitive advantage compared to other scales.

Identifying one’s passion area allows a person to enjoy every moment spent in it and derive pleasure from the effort and time invested in that field, regardless of the duration of work in it.

Why the Birkman Scale?

For over 65 years, Birkman assessment has helped many people succeed
and this is due to its unique scientific approach that combines behavioral assessment and professional interests.
The assessment is used by millions of individuals and top companies worldwide.
Multiple studies have been conducted to ensure the accuracy of the assessment and demonstrate its reliability compared to other assessments, The Birkman Assessment has been distinguished by its test validity with an average of 0.85 and reliability of 0.80

Why was the scale designed?

The methodology was designed to measure multiple dimensions that are important in personality
and the following reports are generated from it : (Usual Behavior Report, Basic Needs Report, Behavior Under Stress Report, Interests Report, Components of Expected Usual Behavior Report)
The ideal job roles(include leadership style, sales approach, customer service style, handling pressure, career guidance, management and organizational style, negotiation style, strengths and improvement opportunities)
and the assessment is conducted electronically and is available in both Arabic and English languages It takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and the beneficiary receives a report in both languages.

The Birkman Scale is used for

Answering these questions is considered one of the most challenging obstacles we face in our lives, as it can be a major cause of decreased productivity, lack of success and unhappiness. This is often attributed to not choosing the right specialization and relying on the approach of imitating friends, relatives or solely considering economic factors disregarding interests and abilities

It is known that identifying one’s passion field enables a person to enjoy every moment they spend in it. They derive pleasure from the effort and time they invest in this field no matter how long their work in it may be. Therefore, this scale is considered one of the most important decisions that will shape our future. To avoid becoming victims of frustration and feeling trapped in the routine of life due to our job, which occupies more than a third of our lives and serves merely as a source of income without providing an opportunity to fulfill our potential and invest our capabilities to the best of our abilities, we need a field that allows us to learn, grow, and persevere.

Examples of Birkman Reports

Lifestyle Pattern Network

The Lifestyle Pattern Network provides a brief summary about you, and it allows you to see your typical behavior, your behavior under pressure, your needs, interests, and where you stand in the bigger picture.
The star represents what you love to do and the activities that attract you and bring you enjoyment. The caret symbol represents your usual behavior, how you act in normal situations when your needs are met, which represents a strength of yours and makes you more productive. It also represents how others perceive you. The circle Ο represents needs and represents your expectations of how others should interact with you. and needs are often unknown to others. The square represents behavior under pressure, and it represents your behavior when your needs are not met, which reflects your behavior in a state of discomfort and frustration. It is the least productive pattern for you.

Specializations and Occupations

where you can discover your strongest career options based on your results in the areas of interests, usual behavior, and needs. this information will give you a better understanding of yourself and the professions that may be more suitable and comfortable for you to work in.

Elements of Behavior

this section provides accurate information and a deep insight into your behavior and responses. as well as how you interact when you find yourself stressed or in difficult situations. birkman measures nine elements of personality from three perspectives (usual behavior, needs, and behavior under pressure).

Birkman and Self-Awareness

There is no doubt that self-awareness and highlighting the most important needs, as well as one’s usual behavior to fulfill them, and behavior under pressure when lacking them, are among the crucial aspects emphasized in Birkman reports. By using these reports, the beneficiary is supported to gain insights into various aspects such as elements of behavior and their measurement. Additionally, detailed reports are provided regarding their passions, interests, and the type of tasks they prefer to delegate Furthermore, the beneficiary becomes aware of the environment that best suits their personality.

Suitable Work Environment

Where you discover the best work environments that are suitable for you, which are identified by finding similarities between you and individuals working in four different work environments.


This section covers your interests and includes 10 interests, and high percentages indicate activities that you enjoy doing, while low percentages indicate activities you prefer to avoid, It’s important to note that interests do not measure skill, but rather act as motivators for performance.